Tony Washington

“I have worked very hard all my life to reach a point where I no longer call it ‘work.’ This allows me to strive harder to learn more about myself and what I do. As for where I am now — I love what I’m doing; my work is an extension of who I am in the world.”

Tony Washington

Professional digital artist and musician Tony Washington comes by his talent honestly; his mother is a singer and actress, and his father was in art school — at least, until Tony was on the way. Then his dad joined the Navy, and Tony became a traveling “brat.”

As a kid, Tony loved fiddling around with his musical ideas on Casio keyboards. After he finished high school, he joined the summer program at Cal Arts…but the institution couldn’t hold Tony for long; he already had a vision for his life’s work. Tony showed his impressive portfolio around the San Diego Comic-Con in 1995 and was immediately hired by Image Comics, a collective with a Marvel Comics pedigree, where Tony had his first encounter with digital art. After 3 years with Image, Tony joined a San Diego company called Midway, and spent 2 1/2 years creating video games.

For the last 10 years, Tony has successfully freelanced in multiple worlds: for comic books, films, and conceptual art. His color and lighting for such film projects as Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles has assured Tony’s reputation as a fine artist in the world of animation.

A fresh and powerful force in the San Diego electronic music world, Tony’s music is already expanding beyond those borders, having recently been featured in Microsoft’s first music campaign. Tony also created the soundtrack for DC-Wildstorm Comics’ Comic-Con 2010 product promotion reel, and has been featured multiple times on IGN podcasts to critical appreciation.


Tony’s concept for STATIONS STORIES has developed over the past 10 years, integrating his passion for storytelling via music and art, and meeting a desire to create something tangible out of his own personal transitions. He envisioned a city called Stations, a constantly developing metropolis in which the stories are endless, and which encapsulate ideas inspired by current events, but which take place in a futuristic setting. His initial discovery was music-driven, which naturally inspired the accompanying visuals. Tony sees the evolution of STATIONS STORIES as an ever-expanding platform on which he — and others — can build, from the inspiration of real-life experiences, and collections of individual dreams.

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