Hall Ramirez

“Wonderful collaborators, backlit Vellum, photo-transferring techniques, digital photography and colorization, who could have asked for a more fun design process? Thank you Kate and No’a for providing me the opportunity to work with you guys and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

Hall Ramirez

Hall Ramirez is currently working for the Outfit Media Group in their motion graphics department (www.TheOutfitMG.com), a production company in west LA. He is the creative director for liberty Apps (LibertyApplications.com) a smart phone applications company. Previously, he worked in the graphic design department of the classic California design & CD packaging studio, Smog Design (www.SmogDesign.com).

He has an extensive background in print design, motion graphics, logo design, and CD packaging. He studied Graphic Design at the California Institute of The Arts.
His work has been featured in the book Bohemian Modern: Living in Silverlake, and he was on the pre-production team for several amazing art books including the Hunter S. Thompson photo book (Ammo Books).
Hall’s work is featured in the CalArts graphic design archive as well as on his website, www.ProductofLA.com

Art of Sound Projects:

Art of Sound Vol 1 - Soulflow Title: Ambiences Vol 1 – SoulFlow

Artist: Hall Ramirez

Musician: No’a Winter Lazerus

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